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For Paws Animal Shows

Animal Therapy in Care Homes

Met with absolute delight!

These engaging and interactive hour long sessions stimulate in a fun and memorable way and always bring a smile to faces.

Tactile animals such as the millipede and hedgehog are great for folks with any visual impairments.

Rabbits and tortoises are wonderful for reminiscing and our more weird and wonderful creatures are always an interesting talking point!


Click on the button below to download your free poster to pop up before we arrive!


"This is the first time we've ever done something like this, but all of the residents and their families loved it!"

Manager, Langley House

Animal therapy is a great tool in residential care as it enhances overall well being by bringing a smile to residents’ faces and encouraging interaction with others. Residents love it when @for_paws visit!

Activities Co-ordinator

Craig, Healthcare